Hey there! Nice to meet you.

I’m a passionate UX / UI Designer, Front-End Developer and Photographer raised by the 80’s, currently living in Madrid and focused on writing code and building cool stuff.


Hi. I’m Juan Carlos Navas, a 35 yo visual designer focusing on visual, interactive and conception design. I also enjoy coding front-end stuff in my spare time and creating beautiful and delightful digital interfaces.

UX / UI Design

I know how to create handy and friendly websites and app, and how to seduce users with them.

Art Direction

I develop the visual expression of brands and products built from its character and values.


I create brands and identities that work: they’re being recognized, valued and advised in the market.


I’ve been designing for 16 years all kind of stuff for different clients, areas and sectors. I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with several major brands, agencies and start-ups, moreover, in all this time I've developed the overall layout for many websites, landing pages, UI patterns, product design, advertisements, brochures, magazines, packagings and corporate reports. I’m specialise in create visual online and offline concepts, brands, identities and layouts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform or captivate consumers.


Along these years I’ve learned as self-educated different specialties of online and offline design. I’ve made diverse works such as art director, UX & UI designer, web mark-up, illustrator, and photographer. From the last nine years I learned, XHTML, HTML & CSS and since then I’m constantly stuck coding cool new stuff. I spend all my spare time testing my skills developing, creating visual concepts, designing, doing illustrations, doing lettering, taking snapshots and black & white photographies, and learning new things at the same time.

“I love designing and building tasteful and cool stuff quickly and easily”

Everyone can design, but not everyone is a good designer. What makes the difference is the keen eyesight for detail and beauty.


Design & Development

A selected compilation of works and projects I’ve done over the past years for brands and customers with different needs, strategies and business line to reach their objectives.

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“I really enjoy mixing with the environment and people and capture moments”

Neither camera sensor nor expensive lenses makes a good photographs. Good photographs are made with good ideas and passion.


Life in Black & White

A brief look at street photographies and snapshots about feelings, desires, dreams, pieces of life, actions of the common life, odd stuff, antistatic and twisted visions.

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If you are interested in a new project, collaboration, or a reason to get a beer don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.